Asturian Painted Chicken

Mottled black hen 1 Mottled Roxa pair










Also known variously as Pita Pinta, Pinta Asturiana and Mottled Asturian, this rare Spanish breed originates from the Principality of Asturias in Northern Spain. It had almost died out completely before being the target of a regeneration effort by a few enthusiastic breeders from the 1980s onwards. After the breed was discovered, standardised and reintroduced in the Asturias region, it was then presented for the first time in Europe at a 2000 show in Nuremberg, Germany where it generated much excitement. Since then the breed has been catalogued as in special danger of extinction and much is being done to save and promote it. More information can be found at

Mottled black hen 2They have a single large comb, clean yellow legs with a few black spots, and a smooth red face, wattles and earlobes. The four standard varieties are Mottled Black, Mottled Roxa (brownish/orange), Black and White. On the mottled varieties the white colour should dominate. Wing tips and tails are white. It is a breed of the Atlantic type, heavy with red ears.

Hens weigh about 5-6lbs, with roosters about 8-9lbs. They have lots of meat and do well as a table bird, but mostly give excellent value as a layer. These beautiful, intelligent and useful birds deserve much more attention than they are currently getting in UK and US.

Egg laying capacity: about 3-5 per week

Egg size and colour: medium to large, cream to light brown, with very smooth shells.

Temperament: active, inquisitive, very tame, hardy, lays all winter. Seldom broody, heavy, quiet and not flighty.

Conservation status: recovering